Umbria unpacked

Umbria &Siena unpacked

It’s a modest unpacking (considering how I like to shop for foodstuffs), and the Birra Nursia brews are actually the only Umbrian goods. The rest of the stash was picked up in Tuscany on the way home: zolfino and fagioli verdolini beans (God bless those tuscan mangiafagioli and their variety of beans), packaged soups, and smoked eel (a speciality of Orbetello). I’m no good at suggesting what to bring back from Umbria, but I found a google link that allows you to take a look inside Consorzio Agrario Siena.

This store is the BEST for typical local products from central Italy. Wines, olive oils, chocolate, dried pasta, beans, truffle products, jams, etc. They also have a deli area that dishes out hot meals to go or to eat outside on picnic tables.

il Chianino

The famous Chianina beef from Tuscany is turned into il Chianino: 180 grams of pure ground beef patty, lardo di Colonnata, and pecorino cheese from Pienza. I believe you can order a smaller or larger version of this.

Consorzio Agrario Siena
Via Di Vittorio – Centro Commerciale Le Rotonde – 53040 – Bettolle – Siena


4 thoughts on “Umbria unpacked

  1. Nonna T

    I had heard about eel being a specialty somewhere, but wow, smoked eel? I wonder how it would taste in a sushi roll:-) Mmmm, those beans look good for some warming soups with some beer:-)


    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s looks like it has a dried texture, quite like missoltini, so it might not work for sushi. I’ve read that it’s served with polenta and can be used (flaked) in plate of spaghetti.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I had no idea google does “store views”, and I even saw the “Il Chianino” sign. If you come across something similiar in Japan where you shop, please share! I’m always curious about the places you visit.



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