Expo eats: hits and misses

Failing the ‘patience barometer’ after seeing the endless queues into pavilions, we went on the hunt for interesting edibles. There is something for everybody and every budget at the Expo – from McD’s to trdelník – and I had a ready list of nations to check out. It’s just too bad that the food trucks/restos couldn’t be positioned in one main area. This would’ve made it much easier to order a little bit of everything in a single sitting, instead of walking willy-nilly all over the place.


Boulangerie at the Expo
Boulangerie at the french pavilion: flaky, buttery croissants (1.60€) and Croc-baguettes (7€).

Restaurant at Chile's pavilion
Cafeteria-style dining at Chile’s pavilion.

Locos mayo
Loved their Locos mayo (abalone with mayo, 19€) mmmmh! Haven’t had this since I was a kid.

If Japan has lots of places using touchscreen ordering like this, then I be in trouble if I visit. Quick lines, great service (cashiers always helpful if you didn’t know how to use the ordering system), and pretty good food even if some dishes are pricey.


USA ran out of lobster rolls
86 that lobster roll! Panino ripieno con insalata di astice del Maine. Sold out at food truck USA.

No turkish coffee (at the bar) at Turkey’s pavilion. I find it hard to believe that the country is suffering a shortage of java. Take it off the menu if you don’t, or won’t, have it!

No more Dutch Weed Burger at The Netherlands pavilion.


Canned bear

As unbearable as it may seem, members of the ursidae family are a food source in Estonia. It just sounds unsettling because while I would never look at this mighty beast as a pet, they simply don’t seem like an animal that deserves to be on a plate. Given the 25€ price tag for a 240g tin, canned bear (actally 87% bear, 5% pork) must be delicious stuff.


8 thoughts on “Expo eats: hits and misses

  1. annieparis

    Hello Rowena ..thank you for telling me about the Bee inspired pavilion at the Milan Expo. ..very interesting article I found on the web. I have never heard of a Loco mayo. What exactly is it?


    1. Rowena Post author

      Anne to tell the truth, I don’t get the “loco” because it means crazy in spanish. All I do know is that Chile does farm-raised abalone and they serve it as a cold dish (cooked) with mayo and lemon. Maybe it’s just a crazy-looking thing that they like to eat over there?


  2. Diana

    There was a Dutch weed burger at the Expo??

    I had food at the Chinese pavilion. It was worth the chaotic lines — sooo delicious! Spicy, flavorful, awesome. Obviously nothing like the Chinese buffets that are the only way to eat Chinese in most of the US and Europe.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I suspect that the weed burger sold out in a puff of smoke (sorry) when it started appearing on articles and blogs. Thinking back on it, everything that I had set my sights on were mentioned in June. A trip to The Netherlands is in order…


    1. Rowena Post author

      Yep, if they had just looked at any mega-shopping center, they would’ve figured that one out. The whole point is to get people to spend a lot at one go, not let them think about it while on to the next place half a mile away. Geez…



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