Manic Monday at the Milan EXPO

Entrance to EXPO
A man with selfie stick while waiting the 40-minutes to pass airport-style security measures.

Forget about what’s been said that it’s better to visit during a weekday. As the event winds down to its final days, more people are making a last-ditch effort to see EXPO Milan before it’s no more. I had been anticipating this hyped-up affair ever since MotH was able to get open-date tickets (at a sweet deal of 20€ each) through his employer. That was back in June. Bad move in putting it off until now, because come rain or shine, the number of souls that we saw yestserday were just mind-boggling.

Japan EXPO
Sake barrels at Japan’s pavilion

Around the World in 5 hours

Wait time for japanese pavilionI knew we were in trouble when television news started reporting a surge in numbers at the start of September. Long lines for all of the popular pavilions. Incredible waiting times to get into Japan! With a mindset of knowing that we didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell (and we didn’t), but with the intent of learning at least one thing about a country that I had never stepped foot in, I can now say it was quite an experience.

At mid-morning on a Monday, the pavilions without much of a line were Estonia (interesting), Turkey (dull), and Turkmenistan (ho-hum). We visited Spain (routine) where you could indulge in a small tasting plate of precious spanish jamon at 40€ a pop. We hung on to our 40€. I took photos of pavilions that struck me as to how each country wanted the world to see them, or maybe the other way around. For example:

Big-box America like I know it

Kazakhstan EXPO
Bright and shiny Kazakhstan – future host for Expo 2017. Look at that line!

Vietnam EXPO
Vietman reminded me of the floating mountains in Avatar. Very surreal, like the movie.

Kuwait EXPO
Who would’ve thought that kite-flying is big in Kuwait?

From left: Turkmenistan has a geometric thing going on, Russia embiggens its already big presence à la ‘Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall’, and Vanke (a big player in Chinese real estate) as ‘Undulation, Interrupted’ in this artistic project.

Tomorrow, exotic eats at the Expo


7 thoughts on “Manic Monday at the Milan EXPO

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    1. Rowena Post author

      You know, if it hadn’t been for the discounted tickets, we never would’ve gone. Television and newspapers gave so much coverage that it felt as if we had already been there!


    1. Rowena Post author

      That would be true for people with babies, the kindergarden school groups, and the disabled, but peeps like you and me could cover all of the main stuff in a day if there were no waiting lines! 6 hours for Japan?! I overheard a woman say that when she was walking away from the pavilion and she looked like she was about to cry. The EXPO is only 1.5 km from east to west and maybe a third of that from north to south. We walk much more than that on hikes. And that’s going all uphill.


      1. Kat

        Holy! 6 hours waiting time, sounds like the expo they had in Osaka in the 70s! I think the Expo was 250 hectares (650 acres) big, or something like that!


      2. Rowena Post author

        Milan’s Expo is 272 acres, less than half that. To make it easier for visitors to get around, they had “People Movers” (free shuttle buses) at various stops around the perimeter of the Expo.


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