Sagra del Macagn

Macagn cheese stand at the sagra

Crocemosso (Piemonte) – Macagn is a cheese made from raw cow’s milk and has a pleasant flavor with a delicate smell. It’s perfect as a table cheese, turned into a sauce, or lovely when melted all over hot, steaming polenta. Owing its name to a mountain pasture at the foot of Monte Rosa, Macagn’s origins date back to over 150 years which earns it a solid spot in Slow Food’s cheese hall of fame. Slow cheese indeed; it came as a shock when I discovered that the sagra del Macagn was celebrating its 15th edition this year. Where have I been?

Ravioli, pasta, and 7 types of polenta combinations, but the best plate in our opinion – a juicy pork steak cooked in Bramaterra wine and slathered with Macagn sauce. Delicious food with a piemontese red to wash it down. Everything was well-organized and there’s also the option of making reservations by phone, guaranteeing a spot at the communal-style tables. Parking wasn’t too difficult and the dynamic duo were also welcomed in the covered dining tent.

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As with most small local affairs like this one, you’ll need to get in line to make your order. Take the printed receipt, nab a seat, and wait for someone to check the receipt and bring your selected dishes. If you make a reservation beforehand, see the person to the side of the order kiosk and he’ll direct you to your reserved spot.

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce
Apple strudel with vanilla sauce


14 thoughts on “Sagra del Macagn

  1. Nonna T

    We were on a camping trip at the beach and the weather was still cooperating for grilled peaches with goat cheese. There is a nip in the air, so soon, soon we will enjoy the melty cheesy goodness of Autumn:-)


    1. Rowena Post author

      Grilled peaches with goat cheese – an absolute summer treat! I see the leaves turning color in the chestnut forest and all I’m thinking about is making a trip to the nursery to get first pick of the new grapes vines. Enjoy the fall season!



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