Men at work (woman too)

Bringing the stufa up to code

New safety regulations for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces put a little chaos and a lot of dust into our home as we were obliged to accommodate workers at the last minute (like in 2 days instead of when we it would be convenient for us). Do we mind? No, especially when it’s common knowledge that things get done so slowly in Italy and to suddenly be up to code, lickety-split, with workers taking only a 1 hour lunch break, is like manna falling from the sky.

On another entirely unrelated subject, we had a great time at the cheese fair even if the dachshund had to give up his trolley and walk. Cheesy goodness forthcoming but first I need to tackle the garden (hence, woman at work). Buona giornata!

4 thoughts on “Men at work (woman too)

  1. Lisa

    We are about to have work done on our house too! Siding done on the outside, other stuff of the list too. We are working to get it ready so we can sell and move! Hugz Lisa and Bear


    1. Rowena Post author

      Ha! It doesn’t happen often, but there are times when everything seems to happen all at the same time. And then I gotta take a break to recuperate from the madness before the next wave of craziness.



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