Hannibal butchers italian language

Hannibal butchers italian language
Screen grab

I’m sorry, but how was I to resist a post title like that? Especially when I could well imagine the collective groans of every italian fannibal that happened to be watching the 5th episode of this season’s Hannibal? The word circled in red should be ricercato, not voluto. I missed this gaffe but MotH spotted it right away even with his eyes half open (the show moves like a snail’s pace). For a meticulously-crafted production like this one, they could have at least double-checked with google translate.


2 thoughts on “Hannibal butchers italian language

    1. Rowena Post author

      Ha! Him too?!? I wave my hand across in front of MotH’s face to see if he reacts, and then when I say that I’m gonna change channels because he’s not watching, he says he was watching!



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