Summer days drifting away

Mister B  up to his Bella-watching
Fixated on Bella

Heat? What heat? It was reported that by mid-week, Italy would be sweating through another round of oppressive temps but the only thing I’m seeing is a romance that will eventually bite the dust. Our summertime neighbors brought along their new female Min Pin “Bella” which has totally, and I mean totally, grabbed the attention of our very anti-social Mister B. He goes out each morning to see if she’s out on her terrace and if she’s there, he barks up a storm while his tail wags like crazy. She never barks in return but does a sort of coquettish prance next to the fence. Kinda like, oh here I am you country bumpkin. You can see me and maybe even catch my scent, but you can never, ever have me!

Bella the Zwergpinscher
Sir, you are no gentleman.


7 thoughts on “Summer days drifting away

  1. Jacques' Dog Blog

    What a tease Bella is!! Haha! What does Maddie think of it all?

    We have been very fortunate in Oklahoma and haven’t had any days yet with triple digit temperatures. Those, however, are coming… August and the first half of September will be brutal. But then it will cool off nicely. I hope you guys finally find some relief from the heat.


    1. Rowena Post author

      Miss Maddie gets jealous when I give Bella attention, but she doesn’t care a whit if Bella and Mr B are nose-kissing right in front of her. I have never seen the doxie so smitten!

      So far the heat is affecting only the big cities which makes sense, but it could possibly be any day now where I’ll just park myself in front of the tv with a big gallon of iced tea. This is the period for thunderstorms and hail – my biggest fear given that I always lose something in the garden!

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