Festa dei Pizzoccheri

Valtellina wine country

Teglio (province of Sondrio) – In this upppermost part of Lombardy, food celebrations don’t number anywhere near the ones held in central and southern Italy, so it stands to reason that when there is an event, everyone will flock to the festivities. It takes us 2 hours to reach Teglio (much of it through mountain tunnels), but the road passes through some incredibly beautiful views of Valtellina’s wine-growing region. We met up with family for Sunday’s lunch seating and the place was just packed with people.

Pizzoccheri service

Pizzoccheri (pronounced pee-T’ZOH-keh-ree) is made with buckwheat flour pasta and cooked with cabbage, potatoes, cheese, and lots of butter. It is delicious. Typically a hearty winter dish due to its heavy, rib-sticking ingredients, pizzoccheri is something you must try when visiting this part of Italy. The festa is held on the last weekend of July each year.

Sciatt service

Sciatt (pronounced shee-AHT) is a small fritter made with buckwheat flour batter and tiny cubes of local cheese. The term sciatt is local speak for toad (the fried morsels resembling the skin of a toad). These are best piping hot!

Festa dei Pizzoccheri

Some helpful advice on the festa. The location of the event is held at the elevated site of Torre de li Beli Miri. It’s not a very long or steep walk (500 feet), but from the main road, the unpaved path could prove challenging for the elderly. Parking is a nightmare, so get there early. You need to get in line for each dish, and seating is under canopy tents which fill up quickly. A good alternative is to bring along a picnic blanket to spread out under the many trees in the park. Portable toilets are on site.

GPS coordinates of the start of the path: 46.171682, 10.066706, on the eastern end of Viale Parco Rimembranza. Website: https://plus.google.com/+Astel-teglioIt/posts


6 thoughts on “Festa dei Pizzoccheri

  1. Nonna T

    I would love to visit that region again. Pizzocheri, polenta taragna, mmmmmmmm Great to eat after a day of hiking or skiing.



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