U-pick (and U-taste!) nectarines in Astino valley

Pick- your own nectarines

First we had berries, now we have this – another pick-your-own farm where the owner even encourages folks to go ahead and sample the fruit! Finding Azienda Agricola Sant’Anna came about as a google result, and if we had known about it earlier (it’s practically a stone’s throw from ours), we would’ve been the first in line when they were in the middle of cherry season.

Maddie among the nectarines

The neat rows of yellow and white nectarine varieties are adjacent to Monastero di Astino, an ex-monastery that was built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. At one point the neglected building was projected to become a golf center (glad that plan was scrapped), but has been recently restored and now hosts special events.

Astino Abbey

8 thoughts on “U-pick (and U-taste!) nectarines in Astino valley

  1. annieparis

    Hello Rowena, what a super find. How fabulous to have pick your own. I am so happy that the Ex-Monastery was saved, how wonderful. Now you can get your own nectarines…mmmm so tasty. What a huge relief that the “Golf Complex” was scrapped!! Well done to all who restored the monastery.

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    1. Rowena Post author

      According to “Wiki”, the golf center was met with too much opposition (and this was in the early 70’s) which is why it never came to be. Unfortunately, wiki hasn’t updated its info because the english version doesn’t mention anything about the recent restoration and also the organic fruit orchards and vegetable plots that now surround the monastery!


  2. Jacques' Dog Blog

    How beautiful! My husband is in Milan this week and commented on how hot it is… It’s oppressively hot and humid here in Oklahoma, but we have pretty good air-conditioning systems, so we can hide from it. Stay cool and enjoy your lovely nectarines!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Bravo to him for managing the heat (I sure do hope his hotel has functioning air-con!). We’ve been putting off going to the Expo for months now, and will continue to do so until the city cools down. You can only eat so much gelato!

      Liked by 1 person


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