On the news they’re calling it the Big Snow

Big Snow February 2015 dogs

But I am sure that the unfortunate souls stuck at italian train stations and airports due to mass delays and/or cancellations are calling it something else. And it ain’t nice.

Big-Snow February 2015

If it keeps up like this we might reach a meager total of a little over a foot by tomorrow – just enough to make our morning but not so much to ruin the weekend. We banded together with our responsible neighbor to clear the drive, and all the while I was composing haiku in my head. Let me tell you, it passes the time quickly.

No time for walking
in a winter wonderland
Scoop, lift, toss – shovel!

Big Snow February shovel

I hate this white stuff
freezes my bits and pieces
long body, short legs

Big Snow February 2015 Mister B

Smells like a doxie
this is my property, clown
I piss on your piss

Big Snow February 2015 Maddie


16 thoughts on “On the news they’re calling it the Big Snow

    1. Rowena Post author

      We kept saying to ourselves, what snow? where is the snow? The only big thing about it is that it earned my husband a justifiable day off from work since there was just so much snow to deal with!


      1. Rowena Post author

        The boss has a direct sightline to the mountains from the office building downtown, so no matter how much or how little snowfall there is, the white stuff always guarantees my other half free pass from work.


  1. Nonna T

    Gosh, I hope it melts by the end of April:-) We are going on a giro from south to north then and I think that I will have to bring my down parka if this trend continues…


    1. Rowena Post author

      It should be gone by then, but I do hope that spring weather won’t be as cold and wet like last year. I had to buy most of my seedlings from the nursery instead of starting them myself.


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    1. Rowena Post author

      Not bad for 20 hours of snowfall (or so they say on the news). I look outside and feel like I’m in Alaska or northern Europe. It is just so white!



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