Afghan biscuits

Afghan biscuits

The cookie project is done! I may have taken a lazy approach to Kaisa’s cookie calendar idea but I’m quite proud of myself to have followed through to the very end. It gave me a good reason to try recipes that I had already collected, and allowed new ones to come my way in a quest to use up leftover ingredients. These Afghan biscuits are a prime example of just that, and no, they have nothing to do with a blanket or in any way related to Afghanistan.

New Zealand holds ownership to the origin of these buttery chocolate cookies but even the almighty wikipedia couldn’t explain away the unusual name. Afghan biscuits in the land of Kiwis? Whatever. They’re super EASY to make, calls for no eggs, and are a nifty way to use up cornflakes. The chocolate glaze and walnut just adds to the individuality of this treat, so if you make these, don’t leave them out. The recipe makes 1½ dozen.

5 thoughts on “Afghan biscuits

    1. Rowena Post author

      December is about the only time of year I mess with cookies since we aren’t big on sugary stuff, so it’s a good thing that Bourdain doesn’t feature a lot of sweets on his show!



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