Gingerbread Hobbit feet

Gingerbread Hobbit feet

If you think these are nerdy, wait until I figure out how to make a gingerbread Smaug. The Battle of the Five Armies premiered in Italy this past Wednesday, which, of course, warranted some sort of celebration at home. I had a portion of marinated, deboned rabbit in the fridge – just the thing for a tasty coney stew (inspired by dear Sam). Add freshly-baked lembas bread and we are happy Hobbits. I can’t wait to go see the movie in 3D.

Zangolato di coniglio
Taters, carrots, turnips, onions, celery and…zangolato di coniglio (seasoned rabbit).

More gingerbread madness

The resemblance is uncanny…

Gingerbread dachshunds


10 thoughts on “Gingerbread Hobbit feet

  1. Lisa

    I love your gingerbread makings! So cute! What an awesome idea to have a hobbit themed meal!! Mister B is sure eyeing the dachshund gingerbreads! He is so cute!! Hugz Lisa and Bear



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