Well you must be a milanese!

Panettone stash 2014

During a dinner party at ours last night, a guest said exactly just that when I pointed out the stash of panettone and pandoro. As if they weren’t so obvious. Panettone, if you’ve never heard of it, is originally from Milan. Every winter holiday season we go overboard on these, justifying each purchase with the agreement that it’ll be the very last one. Right.

Loison panettone

We changed strategy this year and gave up the 25€/kilo, gotta-drive-far-to-get artisan breads for ones that cost half as much and are conveniently available at the supermarket. We liked G. Cova’s pear and dark chocolate chunk so much (the green box in the first photo) that we bought another one for ourselves and one for my father-in-law. We also tried Loison for the first time ever – a panettone with sweet chestnut puree swirled throughout – and deemed it pretty good for the price (11.90€ for a 750 gram loaf). I may be more of the non-traditional type, fancying gourmet fruit combos over the original candied citrus and raisins, but Natale ain’t Christmas without a whole load of panettone.


12 thoughts on “Well you must be a milanese!

  1. boonpnutsmom

    Forgot to mention, I think I, personally, would like the yellow box bread better, as I’m not much of a chocolate eater, but have learned to like nuts in the past several years, except for peanuts…. Never could really like them…. But that chestnut puree sounds delish throughout the bread. 😍 . Do you know of ANYTHING similar here? And, no, baking, and standing are out of the question…. Email with explanation to follow….💖


    1. Rowena Post author

      You know, I am clueless on what’s available there now. I know panettone has gone international, but I would count on them being of the cheaper variety unless bought at a gourmet shop. If not for the iffy postal service I would send you a Loison chestnut one asap!


  2. boonpnutsmom

    Is it like sweet bread with nuts and filling? That is what I am imaging. Long Email way over-due…when you get it… You will understand. Happy belated Thanksgiving.

    Love you all.💖


    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s more like…uhm…portuguese sweet bread in that the texture is more breadish (even though it’s in its own category of a sweet egg-based bread). Happy belated Thanksgiving to all of you too!



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