Lembas with goji berries

Lembas with goji berries

I promise no more Elven bread after today, even if this version didn’t immediately win me over on the first bite. The lembas here more or less measures up to the one described in the book (and on many internet sources), in that it is cream-colored in the middle and has a light brown crust. It also includes honey, cheese, and in place of the Mallorn fruit – goji berries, even if said fruit is supposed to be of the nut-type. Okay, now some of you might question the addition of cheese, but according to the recipe here, Tolkien did indeed put cheese in it.

Yeast-raised lembas

On the first attempt at this yeast-risen lembas I added only goji berries (top photo), but on the second try I added both berries and seeds. In all honesty I think it’s a little over the top for Elves (or Hobbits for that matter), kinda like cheese bread deluxe that would certainly get Gollum’s loincloth in a twist. Speaking of Gollum…for last Sunday’s segment of LotR I made fish and chips using Jamie Oliver’s online recipe and the chips were a total bust. Limp and soggy, no matter how matter how golden they turned in hot oil.

You keep nassty chips!
Beer-battered fish okay but you keep nassty chips!

5 thoughts on “Lembas with goji berries

    1. Rowena Post author

      Note: the dang chips were soggy, but the beer-battered fish okay! It could’ve been the type of potato used, but next time I’m doing the double-fry method for the taters.



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