From Barbiano to Dreikirchen via Keschtnweg (video)


Built from the 13th to 15th century, Dreikirchen, aka Tre Chiese (3 churches) is another trail destination that is easily reached from Barbiano. Dedicated to Santa Maddalena, Gertrude and San Niccolò, the cluster of churches sits on a single foundation, its gothic details looking like something you might imagine out of a Grimms’ fairy tale. Getting there is about 3 times longer than the waterfall trail, but it’s worth the extra effort and easy enough for the whole family. From our b&b at the south end of Barbiano, we headed north through town along the chestnut trail (Keschtnweg), then followed the Dreikirchen signs that pointed the way.

Edit: Information on trails in Valle Isarco can be found here – Valley of trails

Reasons to love Barbiano

When a holiday exceeds our expectations I’m compelled to jot down a list of all the reasons why. If you’re thinking of a stay in Barbiano, you might find this helpful.

  • The village is small, rural, quaint, and on the sunnier (western) side of Valle Isarco
  • The strangely peculiar leaning church tower (seen in video clip below)
  • It has a tiny green grocer within walking distance from hotels and appartments
  • It has a GREAT bakery that makes german-influenced breads and pastries
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes are within walking distance (or a couple minutes drive)
  • A lot of trails branch off from Barbiano, with the chestnut trail running right through it
  • Clean, fresh air, even if during the period when the cows have returned for winter, it might get a bit pungent depending on which way the wind blows.

Milk-collecting truck

You know you’re in serious milk territory when farmers drop off gigantic steel barrels full of raw fresh milk (you can hear the tractors pulling their precious load in the mornings). Not long afterwards, the co-op comes by to pump the milk into a huge tank.

Roadside chestnut roast
Roadside chestnut-roasting stand next to the b&b. Perfect timing after a day of hiking.


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