Hallo from Alto Adige!

Snacks for the hike

After the short hike we just came back from, I’m afraid that my snack supply won’t be enough for the rest of our stay. We’re in the northeastern Alto Adige region of Italy for the chestnut season, but more importantly, for celebrating Törggelen. This tradition occurs after the grape harvest in autumn when there’s the new wine to be tasted, and during this period, winemakers, restaurants and farmhouses offer typical dishes of the area. Whew! After all that huffing and puffing up the mountain, I could eat a horse.

Waterfall hike in Barbiano
Maddie, me and Mister B on the Wasserfallweg (waterfall trail) in Barbiano


7 thoughts on “Hallo from Alto Adige!

  1. annieparis

    Hi Rowena, yet again more wonderful things to celebrate in Italy. I have been reading about the Chestnut festivals and a few others, Italy is amazing.


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    1. Rowena Post author

      Lots, at least during chestnut week while we were there. There was a couple of guys roasting and selling chestnuts and apples right next to our b&b.


    1. Rowena Post author

      If you’re a bacon, eggs, and potato kind of person, this area of Italy rocks. And in the event that you’re not, there is no resisting the great coffee and desserts (very much inspired from neighboring Austria).



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