McDonald’s piggybacks on tradition with La Sagra!

Screen grab

And thank goodness it’s for a short time only. Did someone in the corporate think tank just wake up? With hundreds and hundreds of sagre (food festivals) occurring every year all over the peninsula, I can’t see how The Clown could’ve missed this golden opportunity from the beginning. Take a grilled pork sausage patty, slap some sauce on it, and voila! La Sagra is born! Even for a sagra purist like myself, how could I resist marketing like this?

McDonald's "La Sagra" panini

Okay, so it wasn’t the greatest of fast food meals but I liked that they offered a can of Peroni for just 30 cents extra. Certainly it does not compare to juicy salsiccia grilled over a fire, but if McD’s really wanted to get into the sagra spirit – I mean REALLY, a sagra is supposed to be fun! – they would’ve hung a salame from the ceiling to see what happens next.

Guess how long is the salame...
How long is the salame? Guess the correct answer and it’s yours!!


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