Fall colors are here

Fall colors

Red, yellow, orange

A nice fall day in the woods

leaves crunch loud under eight paws

Hunter's Moon

haiku not bad, yes? XD


8 thoughts on “Fall colors are here

  1. Holly

    Excellent haiku!! Fall is here! Brr! Haha. Any tips on Spain or Portugal? Must buys, dos, sees, eats? Email me if you think of anything. Leaving next week and so dang excited!


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    1. Rowena

      Just so you know…I lost the bet with myself that no one would come back with a comment haiku. That oughtta teach me, and now I must wash the windows (including the glass panel doors!). Brava!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Pffft on the weather, but I’m grateful that we aren’t getting hit hard like Genova did recently. When it rains here, it just dang pours!



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