World Championship Milking Competition

World Championship Hand Milking

Lenna (Bergamo) – On your mark, get set……Mooooo! And a whole lot of mooing it was at the mungitura a mano (hand milking) competition held in Val Brembana just last week. For being the 1st edition, this event was well-organized and attracted a mixed crowd of all ages. Switzerland, Romania, India and Italy were represented among the 43 contestants (7 of them women). Go Italy!!!! Giving it their udder best XD, participants took to the teats in a contest to extract as much milk as possible within the set time of 2 minutes.

World Championship Hand Milking

dancingcowA 31-year old man from the Brescia province took the title with a winning total of 8.7 liters – that’s just over 2 gallons – beating the previous Guinness World Record. Here’s a short clip that I put together and as you can see it was a great day out for everyone. Hopefully it will evolve into something bigger (food stands, markets selling local produce, games for the kids, etc) and become an occasion to look forward to each year.


7 thoughts on “World Championship Milking Competition

  1. Patrick Duffy

    Hello guys I am based in the UK and would love to visit this competition
    can you please tell me when and where it is been held this year as i would love to go
    and see this 🙂


      1. Patrick Duffy

        Hello Rowena
        Thank you very much for your reply. I really want to visit this years competition
        looks like a fun few days. i will keep a eye on there website and try and find out when this years one is happening. or if you hear when its happening please drop me a email i would love to hear from you 🙂


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