Italy’s favorite mugnaio

Italy's favorite baker/miller

In the perfect, carefree world of Mulino Bianco he is the ambassador of baked treats and the miller (mugnaio|moo-N’YAI-yoh) with a chicken. I’m not a huge fan of Antonio Banderas but as Rosita’s sidekick and confidant, Antonio is inimitable. He even gives sage advice when a relationship is in question.

0:02 Dov’è Rosita???
Where’s Rosita?
0:06 Rosita ma che hai??
Rosita what is it with you??
0:11 Si vede che non era quello giusto
You can see that he wasn’t the right one
0:14 Vedi, l’amore è una combinazione di ingredienti,
You see, love is a combination of ingredients…
0:17 ci metti un pò di dolcezza e aspetti che l’altro sia cotto a puntino
you add a little sweetness and wait for the perfect one
0:22 Non accontentarti di un galletto qualunque
Don’t settle for just any rooster

You hear that girls?? Don’t settle! The ad played over and over last week and in the end, I was ‘Banderas-washed’ to try Galletti because Antonio has incredible powers of persuasion. The MotH thought I had gone mad. I said that I could get them for 10% off.

The following is a spoof dubbed in eastern lombard dialect (bresciano) and it won’t make much sense. Hmm…quite like how I can’t understand my father-in-law when he rattles along in dialect with MotH while I stand there with dumb on my face. O_o The amended script takes on a humorous mood, thoroughly befitting of the odd-sounding dialogue.

S'è vista la gallina?
Have you seen the hen?

Porco dighel Rosita, l'è mes'ura ca ta cerche!
Dammit Rosita! I’ve been looking for you for a half hour!

T'ho detto di lasciarlo perdere!
I told you to forget about him!

Guarda questi biscotti!
Look at these cookies!

Se non fai la brava finisci nel forno insieme a loro
If you aren’t good, you’ll end up together with them in the oven.

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