Garfagnana unpacked

Garfagnana unpacked

Fresh pici pasta, chianti-truffle pasta, farro, wine… I didn’t lay everything out on the table, but it’s enough to know that we made sure to return home with fixings for several tuscan meals. I was surprised by the lower price of some things in comparison to what they cost in Lecco, but the real surprise is in the form of the longish beans below. In Hawaii they’re called sitaw or filipino string beans and naturally, used in filipino dishes. Apparently, fagiolo stringa is grown only in the province of Lucca. I bought these at a large supermarket in Gallicano, but I recall seeing them on display at a weekend market when we passed by.

Garfagnana produce

It seems that the common method of cooking the beans is with garlic and tomato – simple and uncomplicated. The tuscan black cabbage has been cleaned, blanched, and frozen for a future Ribollita. As for the fist-sized Tropea onions, I’m not sure what to do with them yet. I’ve read they’re delicious sliced raw into salads but at that size (we only get puny ones in Lecco), they look perfect for stuffed onions.


6 thoughts on “Garfagnana unpacked

  1. annieparis

    I love tbeans , sounds just right ,simple and uncomplicated, as for the onions, yes I would slice them thinly for a salad too. You have great ingredients,


    1. Rowena Post author

      We tried some of the onions sliced thinly and tucked into a sandwich with avocado and smoked salmon. Delicious, and not overly strong like other onios.



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