A taste of what’s to come: criscioletta di Cascio

As mentioned in the previous post, we’ll be in for a change of scenery when we head out to Tuscany for some food festivals, and here’s a taste of what to expect. Criscioletta, a specialty exclusive to Cascio (Lucca), is a very thin pancake made with corn flour, durum wheat flour, and water. Cooked between 2 steel plates, the flat rounds are embellished with pancetta to produce a very tasty snack. I found this youtube video and couldn’t help but mentally reach for a bottle of Sangiovese (at 10am!) as I watched this, so I hope to remember to take photos of all the action while we’re there!

Video credit: Mauro Bertoncini’s Cottura Criscioletta

Weather update: this will be the year that everyone (by now) will have wondered what the heck happened to summer. We were doing just fine a few days ago at 28°C, but now we’re back down in the lower digits and it hasn’t changed since this morning.

Temperature 7.24.2014

7 thoughts on “A taste of what’s to come: criscioletta di Cascio

  1. Lisa

    We have had two days of hard rains here too and it seems more like fall than summer! Kind of worries me on what kind of winter we are headed for. Have lots of fun on your trip! Hugz Lisa and Bear



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