My favorite ways to cook sweet cherries

Cherry season is quickly coming to an end, and even at the feasibile price of 6€/kilo at the supermarket, the only way we’re eating them now is fresh. I had great fun cooking with them earlier in June when we picked up several kilos on the cheap, and I have to say that a freshly baked sweet cherry pie is the best thing to come out of the oven since summer began.

Sweet cherry pie
Martha Stewart’s recipe should be doubled for deep dish pie tins.

Pancetta-wrapped asparagus with sweet-savory cherry sauce

This idea is an offshoot from the pancetta-wrapped asparagus with strawberry sauce. Cooking pitted cherries with a small amount of sugar (1 Tbsp to 1 pound of fruit) and a teaspoon of finely chopped fresh rosemary makes a savory/sweet sauce that goes great with bacon or pancetta-wrapped asparagus.

Risotto alle ciliegie e lardo
Risotto bianco (plain risotto) with sweet-savory cherry sauce and lardo

The idea of adding cherries to risotto was completely foreign to me until we tried some at a cherry sagra in Piemonte. It was okay as festival fare but what it all boiled down to was plain risotto (risotto bianco) with bits of cherry. It tasted kind of sweet and I didn’t care for the pinkish tinge. After some experimenting, I came up with the ultimate risotto: sweet-savory cherry sauce swirled into plain risotto and garnished with small slices of lardo. The lardo melts into an unctuous richness onto the rice, rendering it wonderfully creamy and adding depth to the overall flavor. Turn a blind eye to the calories and cholesterol – this is so good that I’ll be sharing the recipe.


3 thoughts on “My favorite ways to cook sweet cherries

    1. Rowena Post author

      I just think of all I missed out living in Hawaii – just because cherries were so expensive that the only way we ever wanted to eat them was fresh. I remember using Comstock pie fillings – apple, cherry, peach, blueberry – a lot for baking stuff!


      1. kat

        Yeah comstock was the pie filling we used too. I love how good the fruit is here in Japan. Especially the peaches and watermelon this time of year.


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