Have marshmallows, will party

Independence Day 2014

Even though Independence Day turned out wet and gloomy, it would’ve been an even sorrier July 4th had I bought steaks instead of hot dogs. Cooking a thick piece of prime in a frying pan is so wrong. Hot dogs are more forgiving, as long as you have good mustard, and while the Stonewall Kitchen mustards cost dearly (about $7.25 US – each), I was beyond thrilled to find an american product – and a gourmet one at that – at the super.

Stonewall Kitchen

We had a nice mix of nations at the table: Native Storm ale from the UK, pesto-flavored chips and petits concombres pickles from France, american marshmallows, and “american” hot dog buns from Italy. I looked back at what we did for 2010 and was surprised to see that temps were in the mid-80’s. Yesterday’s high was 68°F!

4th of July 2010
July 4th, 2010

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