Table d’hôte à Le Moulin

Table for 2 at Le Moulin
Table for 2 at Le Moulin des Aravis – view large

If you’ve been reading the previous entries with a keen eye, you’ll have noticed a few french expressions peppered throughout my posts. Bordered by France to the west, Switzerland to the north, signs in two languages and the occasional glimpse of lavender fields, Valle d’Aosta can feel like you’re anywhere but Italy. Naturally, ça va sans dire that if your neighbors speak french then so do you, and the valdostani either have a good handle on the language or they speak it fluently. It made me think of our trip to Provence earlier this month, especially when we arrived at an agriturismo restaurant in Valle di Champorcher and the sign says Ouvert.

Le Moulin des Aravis
Agriturismo Le Moulin des Aravis in Valle di Champorcher

Situated along the Ayasse river and surrounded by lush forest, the agriturismo, at one time, was both watermill and sawmill. The owners did an impressive job of restoring the building into a place to relax and get in touch with nature, but since we were there only for Sunday lunch, be forewarned that this is going to be a food-laden, photo-heavy, and detailed post.

Tris di affettati Beets and croutons
Lardo d’Arnad, mocetta, pancetta (or coppa?) and a composition of cubed beets and croutons

We made reservations not knowing that it was table d’hôte (aka menu fisso in Italy). The set menu was literally just that, as some of the antipasti were already in place when we arrived. Btw, lunch commenced at 1pm for all guests, which makes a lot of sense if serving the same thing to the whole room. Start counting.

Salignoùn or Salignon – of walser origin. It is a mixture of fresh ricotta, herbs and spices to be spread on bread or crackers.

Chestnuts and butter
Cooked chestnuts and butter – the simplicity was too delicious to believe.

Borage flan with a sauce of Bleu d'Aoste cheese
Borage flan with a sauce of Bleu d’Aoste cheese – this was actually called sformatino which is a souffle-like dish but less airy. Bleu d’Aoste is not as piquant as roquefort, but possesses a pronounced flavor that added oomph to the borage flan.

Saffron risotto with silene Beef braised in red wine with polenta taragna
A primo of saffron risotto with silene and a secondo of brasato di manzo (wine-braised beef) with polenta taragna. In between this was another primo – cream of nettle soup – that didn’t make it in front of the lens because I just wanted to dig in. Are you keeping count? That makes 8 dishes up to this point, and to think that we were offered second helpings of both!

La brossa with polenta taragna
La Brossa – produced from the residual liquid after making butter or cheese, it’s like a thin buttermilk. It’s also a traditional breakfast food served with polenta, but we were given some as a tasting. I love that they did this, introducing a typical local dish as a way of sharing part of their culture.

Blueberry cake Lemon balm bavarese
And to end the meal – blueberry cake and lemon balm bavarese with strawberries. I was so glad that these were in discreet portions because we were absolutely stuffed. And guess how much? Along with water, 1/2 carafe house red and coffee – 61€. If I were to make one small negative comment, it would be the coffee which was quite bitter (or otherwise burned). Other than that, this is one place worth a repeat visit for a big Sunday lunch.

One last thing…

Before lunch we made a stop in Torgnon (Valtournenche) to check out a Vespa and Topolino gathering. What a cute, cute automobile. The Topolino stole the show as all cameras focused on “the Mickey Mouse car”. Laissez les bons temps rouler!



8 thoughts on “Table d’hôte à Le Moulin

  1. annieparis

    Hi Rowena , do you want to swap , and then you can have all the Magnums you want ..hahahha I cannot believe the price , truly amazing and the food looks so good. I will come to your for advice if I ever go to this area. 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      It would be an ideal situation, I think, except that Marc de Champagne bars wouldn’t be the only thing I’d be devouring!

      We are planning to a b&b weekend (soon, I hope) at this place to see if it will measure up to our first visit. Even at halfboard (breakfast and dinner), the price is very reasonable.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I’ve seen photos of the place when everything was covered in snow and it looks like a cozy place to hang out with a drink or a settle down with good book to read (they’ve got a library/sitting area too).



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