La joie de vivre in Valle d’Aosta

Lavender field in Valle d'Aosta
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Crisp alpine air, crystal blue streams, steep valley views and traditional valdostana cuisine. These are just some of the elements that put the joy of living in a weekend visit to the northwestern region of Valle d’Aosta. I had absolutely no idea that lavender is cultivated in this area, but driving south towards Fort Bard (SS26), we were taken by complete surprise when our eyes glimpsed this field in bloom. It led me to discover a stunningly beautiful photo on Flickr, the likes of which I thought existed only in Provence, France. Trust me and have a look at Forte di Bard; I promise you’ll see the imposing fortress in a different light.

Fort Bard
Fort di Bard


5 thoughts on “La joie de vivre in Valle d’Aosta

  1. annieparis

    I had no idea either Rowena .. Looks wonderful , thanks for sharing and thank you for your lovely comments on my visit to France. More to come 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s especially beautiful when you drive up and into the deep valleys. Lots of waterfalls, greenery, and grazing cows during the warm season.



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