Westie mama and daughter reunion

Maddie and Dolly
Maddie and Dolly

Awwww.. If only I could read their minds. It was a pretty emotional weekend when we were in Piemonte once again for the 1st Mega Raduno Allpepper. Hosted by the westie breeders who introduced us to our little white terrier, the gathering was an occasion that we just couldn’t pass up. For 2 years after bringing Maddie home, we kept in contact with the couple for pet sitting and grooming services as needed, but after finding a groomer closer to home (and one that we liked), the 2-hour drive became a thing of the past. Now after 7 long years of not seeing one another, Mama Dolly and Maddie meet again.

The emotional part verged on heartbreak upon discovering that Dolly had been involved in an emergency that entailed the amputation of her right hind leg. I’ve read that dogs get along fine on 3 legs, but still…as a dog mama I was crushed. Both mama and daughter share the same characteristics of being super lovable and friendly, and I can still remember that sweet don’t-you want-to-hug-me? face when meeting Dolly for the first time.

The lack of doxie photos doesn’t mean that Mister didn’t tag along, but goes to show how much he just wanted out of the picture. I don’t blame him, although he did seem to be okay with the fox terrier and schnauzer (both females) sitting under the table next to him. A bunch of barking westies can be a bit much, but try putting them all together in one room.

Maddie at Raduno Allpepper
Maddie making friends with lots of westies.


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