Life is just a bowl of cherries, but sometimes it’s the pits

Life is just a bowl of cherries...

I never felt a cherry pitter was something that I had to add to my hoard of kitchen gadgets, and by the looks of it, I’ll have my work cut out for me if I want to have several pounds in the freezer for cherry pies in the dead of winter. At first I was using a paring knife (it’s really awkward!), but then I found out that a safety pin or pastry tip works too.

Pitting cherries with a paring knife
With a paring knife

Pitting cherries with a safety pin
With the closed end of a safety pin

Pitting cherries with a pastry tip
With a pastry tip


10 thoughts on “Life is just a bowl of cherries, but sometimes it’s the pits

  1. lindyloumac

    So pleased to be visiting your blog again after a long absence. Actually eating cherries myself now as I catch up with blogging friends. 🙂


  2. Jess

    Buy a cherry pitter! Sure, it’s not a multi tasker, but it works pretty slick. I love sour cherries and can only get them once a year, and my cherry pitter is my salvation when processing loads of cherries.


    1. Nonna T

      I agree, a cherry pitter is a good investment, especially with a large quantity of cherries! It also works well for pitting green cured olives for ascolana style stuffed olives.


      1. Rowena Post author

        I realize now that a pitter is something that I should’ve purchased a long time ago, but when we had cherries in Hawaii (imported from the mainland US), they were gobbled up fresh. I remember using Comstock cherry filling for making pies!


    1. Rowena Post author

      I needed them as whole as possible because I wanted to try this recipe for russian cherry-filled dumplings, but I think it’s time to get a pitter.



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