Provence unpacked

Baguettes for the freezer, wine, a couple of rose plants and various only-in-France items. The difference between two days in Provence (compared to last year’s 6) is going home with less stuff. The flipside to that is that less becomes more with every bite of cheese, every sip of wine, and everytime I lick my fingers clean of those potato chip flavors that aren’t available in Italy. A visit to Le Petit Jabron’s farm is totally optional as their products are sold at Super U (large shopping center just north of Sisteron). For yummy sandwiches, breads and desserts, Boulangerie Marie Blachère in Peipin is excellent, and so is the Intermarché next door.

Cheese purchases in Provence
On the board…an assortment of goat cheese from Le Petit Jabron

Provence unpacked 2014
I have a real weakness for new potato chip flavors, and the Wasabi one was spicy!

Radis noir
What, you never seen a black radish before? It isn’t hot like the smaller red radishes, and it’s probably a little old since the interior was a bit woody.

Not yet lavender time in Banon
Having found the perfect petit village that is Cruis, maybe there’ll be a same time next year?


10 thoughts on “Provence unpacked

  1. annieparis

    We ♥ the potato chips (crisps) over there too . Always lot so new flavours for us to try . We have a ball shopping too. I was in Super U the other week , was on holiday staying with friends.


  2. tesorotreasures

    That cheese looked amazing! I will have to try it all – unfortunately, it will have to leave Provence in my stomach and not in my luggage…too smelly making it all the way back over the ocean 🙂 Did you have a cooler with you to bring this back home?


    1. Rowena Post author

      Yes, a small cooler that plugged into the car’s cigarette lighter. I also wanted to get a larger styrofoam cooler and pack it with ice for colder items, but french supermarkets carry neither.



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