In lieu of lavender, I give you poppies


Or coquelicots if you’re smitten by that french term like I am. We’re back, the fridge is packed with pungent cheese of all shapes and sizes, and I just finished scraping the last bits of goat poop off of my heels. As suspected, it was too early in the season for the lavender, and the general response was that bloom time occurs around mid-June to July. The red poppies, by contrast, were in evidence everywhere. So pretty, and I swear I was having an epic Van Gogh moment when we stopped for this view.


4 thoughts on “In lieu of lavender, I give you poppies

  1. tesorotreasures

    We are heading to Provence in late June (before heading into Piemonte and then Lago Maggiore for a wedding!) I’m hoping the lavender will be in full swing (that is what I’m told!) But should I be prepared for goat poop on my shoes ? I wasn’t warned about that!


    1. Rowena Post author

      If the good weather continues, you should be seeing lots of purple in late June. The goat droppings came as a surprise — all of a sudden I was 10 years old and back at my grandfather’s little farm. What fond memories!



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