Truffles, eggs and asparagus

An extra special dinner

Asparagini and asparagi extraFor a very special Mother’s Day, and we didn’t even need to go out to a restaurant for this. I don’t think any convincing is necessary when I say that this was really as good as it looks, and for those of you who may have never thought to keep a black truffle in the freezer, well, let me say for the record that it works! In December of last year I froze one of the black truffles that we got from Esselunga and forgot all about it until this past Sunday. Sitting in the fridge was a bundle of fat pink classe extra asparagus (right image) that we had bought at Mezzago’s sagra, and I needed to use up some eggs before the expiry date. I did NOT want a lot of work. Frittata? Quiche? Asparagus with hollandaise? Nah!

I owe the idea of this dish to the excellent asparagus and eggs that we ate at the sagra. Preparing the spears doesn’t require too much effort. First, trim at least an inch from the bottom, then use a vegetable peeler to remove the outer skin. Stand them up in a bundle and secure tightly with kitchen string. Place in a pot (the taller, the better) of lightly salted water that reaches up to a third of the asparagus. Bring water to a boil and when that happens, lower heat to a medium simmer; cover and cook for 30-40 minutes, depending on the thickness of the spears. If you don’t have a tall pot or asparagus steamer, make a foil “tent” to use as a cover. If that’s not an option, I don’t see why a regular vegetable steamer wouldn’t work as well.

Asparagus prep

Fry a few eggs in butter (I used olive oil and butter) until whites have set but the yolks still remain runny. Place on top of asparagus and garnish with sliced truffles. Serve with grated parmigiano and freshly ground black pepper.

3 thoughts on “Truffles, eggs and asparagus

    1. Rowena Post author

      haha…like the giant pike fish head that was in there for over a year! It had freezer burn, so I dug a hole in the garden and buried it (instant fertilizer!) next to the tomato plants.



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