Encore asparagus sagra!

Sagra degli asparagi di Mezzago

Italian sagre are fine excuses for those who love to enjoy seasonal produce to its fullest, but the chef/cooks responsible for the asparagus dishes at Mezzago’s celebration are bonafide culinary wizards – this is the first time we’ve attended the same sagra TWICE within a week. The food is excellent, the service pleasant, and I discovered via their facebook that a lunch seating would be held for the May 1st holiday. Well, we both thought, why not go asparagus crazy while we can?

The menu is varied enough that it was possible to order dishes that we didn’t get on the last visit. The asparagus lasagna and the ravioli with asparagus and hazelnuts was superb! All this accompanied with a half carafe of the local white and no room for dessert, but then, that’s just more reason to go back again.

Antipasto della festa
Mixed salumi: salame, mortadella, prosciutto, bresaola and coppa.

Lasagne caserecce agli asparagi
Rich and creamy homestyle lasagne bursting with asparagus flavor.

Ravioli caserecci agli asparagi
Homestyle ravioli in butter and topped with asparagus and chopped hazelnuts.

Pollo al curry con asparagi
Curry chicken (though it wasn’t as curry-flavored as I like) so juicy that I even ate the skin!

Asparagus stand at Mezzago
Local growers also sold asparagus bundles in all grades and sizes. We learned that the very thin stalks are more fibrous, while the fatter, thick spears are more tender.

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8 thoughts on “Encore asparagus sagra!

  1. annieparis

    Italy has done it again , always fabulous food festivals , and I love Asparagus , shouldn’t of looked at this one 🙂


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