Sagra degli Asparagi

Pink Asparagus | Asparago Rosa

It’s sagra season! Two years have slipped by since I last wrote about the pink asparagus of Mezzago, and now I have something more to share on this delicious spring vegetable. The town’s asparagi celebration runs for a month (from the latter part of April to May) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so there’s plenty of opportunity to catch at least one of the gastronomic weekends. Held in the historical Palazzo Archinti (Piazza della Libertà, 4, at the far end of via Unione), the menu is so tempting that we’ll have to make another visit to taste everything.

Prosciutto crudo con asparagi
Starting off with a plate of prosciutto and a couple of asparagus (5.50€)…

Risotto con gli asparagi
This is the best asparagus risotto that I have ever tasted, and cheap at only 6€!

Zuppa di asparagi e farro
For those who may not want to be overwhelmed by too much asparagus flavor, this farro (spelt) soup hits the spot.

Asparagi rosa con le uova
A whole pile of asparagus with eggs cooked in butter (9.20€).

Speciale Gemellaggio
The Speciale Gemellaggio. We neglected to ask the reason behind the name of this dish, but as Mezzago is a twin city to Saint-Pierre-de-Chandieu in France, that might explain the crepe and rich sauce. Mezzago is also twinned with Reilingen in Germany.

Sagra degli Asparagi - Mezzago
The coperto (service charge) is becoming more and more common in the sagre that we visit, and while I don’t hold an opinion on if this should/shouldn’t be included in events like this, it’s nice to know what the money is being used for. In this case, the town has to purchase a transport vehicle for community needs.

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Ravioli caserecci agli asparagi


7 thoughts on “Sagra degli Asparagi

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    1. Rowena Post author

      It was, and we will! Honestly, they’ve got a genius(es) in the kitchen because the risotto and lasagne with asparagus are incredible.


  2. Lucy

    :O sagra degli asparagi?? Mezzago is so close to where I am! Relatively.. I have GOT to go to this this weekend!! Woo hoo! (I’m a huge asparagus fan haha) xxx


    1. Rowena Post author

      I checked their FB page just now and discovered that they’re also doing the lunch hour for primo Maggio! Hopefully, if the weather is nice, we be digging into some of those stalks. If you go, just keep an eye out for a westie and a doxie 🙂



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