Things I thought I’d never see at the supermarket

Well I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Just this past Sunday while we were being helped at the customer service counter in Iperal supermarket, two women and a cute little Maltese walked up (yes, I know it sounds like a joke!). One of the women asked, “Can we bring the dog into the store with us?” The clerk, without batting an eyelash, replied that they could, but the dog would have to be in braccio (carried in their arms) at all times. I turned to the MotH at the same time that he turned to me and we both had the same look: WTF?!!

Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVE dogs. Mine come along when we shop at Ikea, Leroy Merlin, Decathlon and garden stores. They accompany us to restaurants, to McDonald’s (the outdoor seating area), and at arrivals at the airport. The only thing that they’ve never done is grocery shopping. I mentioned to Mister B about this new discovery and this is what he had to say:

Shop til you drop!

So in keeping with the theme of “things I thought I’d never see…”, here are some items that we can now get here without having to go to an ethnic market or special ordering from a faraway foreign country.

dryer sheets
Dryer sheets. Where we these when we bought the Bosch dryer 8 years ago? On the back of the box it says that you can also use them to freshen your closet.

Spicy hot ketchup
Spicy ketchup. Surely these must’ve been around for awhile now, but I only noticed them last week (because that’s how little we use ketchup).

Choco Fonzies
Heyyyyy! Corn snacks coated in milk chocolate and caramel. Fonzies are called Twisties in Australia and asian countries, but I think this chocolate-covered version is only available in Italy.

konjac noodles
Konjac noodles. Because we all know that carbs are BAD so no more DeCecco spaghetti for you! Never heard of it? Link:

Italian oriental noodles
And last but not least, italian oriental noodles. That’s right! Star (spanish-italian company, I think) and Buitoni (italian) have finally put their money on instant ramen. There isn’t much variety, but the 3-minute cooking time is spot on. Saikebon (sigh-keh-bohn) is a play on the phrase “sai che buono” (sigh-keh-bwoh-noh), which means you know that it’s good. Oishii!


12 thoughts on “Things I thought I’d never see at the supermarket

  1. livinginthelanghe

    Like Mister B, Otto loves DIY shopping, Decathlon (who doesn’t love Decathlon?!) and even the occasional restaurant, but he hasn’t made it to the supermarket yet. I think we’ll keep it that way… and can I just say,you can buy chocolate-covered Fonzies!? Seriously? Have you tried them??


    1. Rowena Post author

      You see those 2 bags in the photo? I had to finish them…all by myself! My husband took one bite and shoved the bag back at me. Che schiiiiiifo! Goofy disgusting commercial just got to me I guess…


    1. Rowena

      Japanese foods (made in Japan or not) are really finding a niche market in many sectors, from losing weight to being in better health. I found Yakult probiotic drink some months ago, and then of course there’s the ramen trend in Milan. It’s just too bad that we won’t ever have the quality of sushi and sashimi that you guys enjoy!


    1. Rowena Post author

      At Esselunga and Iperal there’s a sign that says dogs can only stay in the area outside of the row of checkout counters, so this was a first for us to see a dog going past the swing doors and into the actual shopping area. I am waiting for the moment when we can bring our dogs to the movies…



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