Why are they cutting so many trees?

Cold but sunny

I have to say that the current streak of sunny days is so…what’s a good word…splendacious that I settled down a bit on my daily annoyance level. Yes you heard right. Annoyance at nonsense rubbish on tv news (I prefer the commercials), annoyance at people who scream bloody murder at their little kids (shameful), and the most recent one to push my hot button – the cutting of so many trees in this area. In the top image there is a row of trees on the left. That was 3½ months ago. By law, trees can’t be given the axe unless the Corpo forestale dello Stato (State Forestry Corps) gives the okay, so whatever reasoning behind all this must’ve been a necessary one. We’re sure going to miss the shady patches on our walks when the days start warming up more.

Evening stroll


8 thoughts on “Why are they cutting so many trees?

    1. Rowena Post author

      I think we can all put up with it as long as they don’t add more concrete. Someone had written “Basta cemento” on a parking stall project not far from our place.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I know that one parcel of land is up for sale, but not sure about the rest. I hope there won’t be a rainy spell next month because then we’re all gonna be in trouble!



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