Roaming for ramen, craft beers and Van Gogh

Che weekend! What a weekend! Sun, clear skies, and 60°F temps. It’s been long in the waiting, but on yet another one of those all-too-rare occasions where “the kids” remain at home, we snuck off to Milan for an art exhibit/lunch date/shopping spree in that order. With spring pretty much here and summer not too far away, we’ll soon be up to our ears in garden work.

Van Gogh Alive

Quick question: when you hear the name Vincent van Gogh, which of his paintings come to mind? I’ve always associated him with the vase of sunflowers, so it was really something to see many of his works projected onscreen in high-definition. At first it felt silly viewing the images on big screens, but together with the coordinated music and animation, the whole experience of Van Gogh Alive was just that – an encounter that brought the dutch painter to life through sight and sound. Short clip included at the end.

Van Gogh self-portrait

Ramen, oishii!

Handmade noodles in a bowl of steaming broth. It’s the latest food fad to invade meneghino territory, and I, for one, am a happy camper. It’s been said that the true measure of a good ramen is the broth itself, and proof of that were the empty bowls after having downed it all to the last drop at Zazà Ramen. Choose your broth (shoyu, shio or miso), noodles (soft wheat or stone-ground wheat), and topping combos. I had the duck and kabocha; Moth had the seafood. Mine was better, especially with a cold bottle of Coedo Shikkoku. Premium japanese craft beer in Italy! The total bill for 2 ramen, 2 Coedo beers and a serving of gyoza (good but I wouldn’t get it again) came to 55.50€ – not exactly a cheap date kind of place, but worth the splurge when italian instant ramen won’t do (more on that later).

Duck and squash ramen
Duck and green squash ramen

Coedo Shikkoku

Shopping Scandinavia

Haandbryggeriet craft beersHaandbryggeriet craft beer from Norway, smoked reindeer sausage, smoked salmon, pickled foods, cheese, jams, and lots more. Oh, and this isn’t Ikea, it’s Björk Side Store on via Panfilo Castaldi.

What started out as a need for lussebulle (sweet saffron rolls) for a swedish Santa Lucia celebration, has now grown into destination Norway and all things norwegian, or swedish, or anything from around that area. If we scrape up enough cash, a Hurtigruten cruise could happen next year, but until then, it’s nice to have a shop with goods that I have no idea how to pronounce but anyway love to eat.


7 thoughts on “Roaming for ramen, craft beers and Van Gogh

  1. mfryan

    I love Milan and Rome for offering that taste of other cultures that can be hard to find in the smaller italian cities. Thats for giving us a little taste too…:)


    1. Rowena Post author

      And that’s the #1 reason why I ♥ Milan, even if it usually means 100€ less in the pocket whenever we go there. I figure that it is always cheaper than a plane ticket to Japan or wherever else!


  2. La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Friends, Travel, Italy

    “Short clip included at the end” is that a pun? 😉 I assume they don’t take your ear off for you, that would be a little too interactive! Is it bad that I’ve walked past that exhibition about a thousand times and still not been? Eek!
    I live opposite Zaza Ramen! I can see it from my window!! How strange, we were metres away from each other! Now I sound like a crazy stalker!! I wasn’t watching you I promise…
    Lucy xxx


    1. Rowena Post author

      Very, very sharp! (and I wanted to include the apropos shapshot but it came it blurry). Oh, and if you live in the apartment with that huge and gorgeous balcony, then we are jealous!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Yikes! I expect the same will happen here, so I’m trying to get everything prepped in the yard and garden before the snow falls again.



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