Carnevale in Rocca Grimalda

La Lachera 2014

The first sunny weekend in February! It’s been long in the waiting and everything good that could possibly happen this month all came in one extended weekend visit to see La Lachera in Rocca Grimalda (Piemonte). Like many folk-type Carnevale celebrations we’ve gone to in the past, La Lachera is colorfully represented in its group of costumed characters and dance rituals. To learn more about each particular character, visit the link given above (italian and english).

Carnevale in Rocca Grimalda

The unique quality of La Lachera means that it never fails to draw a crowd of local families, photographers, and those interested in folk tradition. If you’re trying to figure out the image above – that’s a trampolo (stilt walker). The show goes on no matter what the weather is like, and it’s best to arrive at least a couple of hours in advance for parking close to the village. Another interesting feature is the presence of special guest dancers from a different country (there’s a new group every year). This year’s guests came from French Basque country – the Ataitze from Itxassou.

“Ataitze“ from Itxassou

Music, dancing, tasty farinata hot from the fire and what else…oh yes, a number of canine friends in tow (or towing their owners). Mister B wasn’t all that thrilled about the noise but he didn’t mind getting showered with confetti.

Who did dat?


11 thoughts on “Carnevale in Rocca Grimalda

    1. Rowena Post author

      I don’t remember seeing one, but none of the characters listed at the website has anything that fits the description. The bear character, however, is one that I’ve heard of at other folk-type Carnevale traditions.


      1. Rowena Post author

        After replying the other day, I couldn’t get that bear character out of my head and looked through some previous posts and guess what? He appears in the Egetmann Parade in Termeno! Found his photo in my flickr album but there’s an even better one here at


      2. Rowena Post author

        Wow! It could possibly be that in 2012 they had both guest characters and dancers from another village (I know they at least have special guest dancers every year). This year in Lajetto (Torino province) there were 2 “orsi”: Lajetto’s orso that swings a rooster around on a stick (I’m sure it can’t be a real one!), and guest Orso di Segale di Valdieri. I only just discovered their FB page and am definitely marking this one for next year!


    1. Rowena

      When we realized that it would be sunny through the weekend, the carnevale and everything else became secondary. I wouldn’t have cared one bit if they did cancel….



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