Christmas redux

Good things...

Christmas comes twice in the chestnut forest – and as the saying goes, better late than never. It isn’t always that international mail arrives so far beyond the expected delivery date, but as Kat of Our Adventures in Japan had sent this package in the beginning of December, it was the last thing I expected to see when the postwoman dropped it off in late January. My 1st guess is that it took the longer panoramic route over Hawaii. My 2nd guess is that it got stuck in customs during the holidays because the boys felt it brightened up their office. Look at all of those stamps!

Christmas all over again

Super cute socks, sweet (check out the teeny chocolate-capped mushroom cookie, top right) and savory snacks, tinned curry, instant noodles, tea…she outdid herself in filling that space with the kind of treats that anyone would love. I purposely posted this today because it’s Kat’s birthday and she’s actually doing a giveway. Leave a comment or like her Facebook page and maybe you’ll be the happy recipient of cool treats from Japan. Kat, mille grazie from us both, but what does WFP stand for on the instant noodles? P.S. Moth claimed one pair of socks for himself.

Waffle iron

And since we’re on the subject of mail delivery, let it be known that Amazon kicks ass 99.9% of the time. My nifty little waffle iron got here 2 days after I made the order, and all I’ve had on my mind since then is chicken and waffles. The MotH cannot fathom such a combination, but I am convinced that he will love this particular version of soul food. Crazy americans.

First sunny day in February

Lastly, the obligatory photo of the dynamic duo on the first sunny day of February. Everybody got what they wanted: a nice walk and laundry done! Today it’s back to rain…


4 thoughts on “Christmas redux

  1. kat

    Had to look up WFP (world food programme) helping United Nations feed not so fortunate countries. glad you liked everything, looks like it is all there 🙂 have a great weekend!


  2. Lisa

    Awesome treasures in your package! I love the pic of Mister B and Maddie! Surprised they didn’t jump up to get Mike hanging on the line! Tee hee! We are supposed to be getting lots of rain this next week too. I will take that over snow and ice!! Ready for some sunshine! Hugz Lisa and Bear



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