Dogs day out on Malamute Day

Malamute Day 2014
Hey there little fella with the long body and short legs!

Sun, blue sky, and a lot of high-spirited and frisky canine friends. If only days like this could go on forever. Not long ago on the last Sunday of January (26th), we enjoyed some of the best wintry weather yet at the 10th edition of Malamute Day. Held on the plains at Alpe Giumello, the event drew an even bigger crowd this year, forcing us to park a mile away from all the action. International guests from France and even as far as Moscow were present.

Malamute Day sledding

Described as being loyal, tough, strong, and affectionate, Mals (and all breed of sled dogs) are great subjects to photograph. They were definitely loving the attention as camera crews from RAI TG3 filmed segments for a tv newscast.

Malamute Day Alpe Giumello

As always, the westie and the doxie came along in keeping up with their social calendar, and we couldn’t have been more happy to meet Baguette and Brioche, a mother-daughter duo that were the only other dachshunds in the crowd.


6 thoughts on “Dogs day out on Malamute Day

    1. Rowena Post author

      Next year I’ll put a countdown calender to the big day because I actually forgot about it until a week before the scheduled date. Go malamutes!



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