Tripe for Saint Bassianus Day


Puoi sperare nella luna, (you can hope in the moon)
puoi tentare a carte o a lippa, (you can try at cards or at lippa*)
ma tu non avrai fortuna (but you won’t have luck)
se non mangerai la trippa! (if you don’t eat tripe)
*Lippa is a popular game involving 2 pieces of wood and dates back to the 15th century

Pizzighettone, Lombardy – in this part of Italy it’s said that eating tripe on the feast day of San Bassiano (January 19th) will bring health and good fortune for the rest of the year. As the patron saint for Pizzighettone and nearby Lodi (they have their own festa), this means a lot of delicious trippa this past Sunday. Organized by the Int’l Lions Club of Pizzighettone, the 4-day event is held within the city’s surrounding muraria – a great wall composed of vaulted rooms which are all linked together. We headed out early despite cloudy skies and the threat of rain and look what it got us – cozy fireside dining!

Ohhh...romantic fireplace dining

Tender tripe, beans, and pork swimming in tasty broth. Of course no italian Sunday lunch is complete without cured meats, assorted cheese, wine, dessert, coffee and grappa.

Tripe stew

The event occurs simultaneously with BuonGusto d’Inverno (Taste of Winter), a gathering of food producers and vendors with a variety of local and regional products. Fresh produce, wine, salumi, cheese, honey, olive oil…if we had shopped before lunch, there wouldn’t have been enough denaro left for the tripe.

6th edition of La Trìpa de San Basiàn

6 thoughts on “Tripe for Saint Bassianus Day

  1. Anonymous

    Wow. Thanks for posting this. A friend from the Lombardy region recently told me wistfully about her grandmother’s trippa. I would like to try a recipe for this regional dish if you can recommend one. Unfortunately, the current generation is losing the knowledge of these dishes. Isn’t it amazing how such a humble offal is used in recipes throughout the world? Definitely, the most common treatment of tripe around here is the Mexican menudo. Oh yes..Buonissimo (finger pointing in the cheek:-) ).


    1. Rowena Post author

      Nonna’s trippa is always the best, yet trying to recommend just one is difficult! Each region has their own style of preparing tripe and I have yet to try the 16 recipes in my cookbook. I noticed that the common flavoring factor is the soffritto (onion, carrot, celery) and the fat (butter, olive oil or pork fat). Even the type of tripe can differ as pork and sheep is also used (I thought it was only beef). It is really an amazing dish that I would never have discovered had I not moved here. Back in Hawaii, I recall my grandmother cooking bindongo (filipino dish) but it was tripe from a just butchered animal and OH! The smell was just so bad!! It turned me off from ever wanting to try it. Now that you mention menudo, I wonder if the mexican restaurants here would have it on the menu.



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