Longboards in Italy?

Longboards in Italy
If you can’t get to Hawaii, let Hawaii come to you!

Imagine my JOY when I spotted these at Esselunga supermarket. Liquid aloha in a bottle, and not that bad of a price at 2.35€ each. I’m saving these for another sunny day when we can throw burgers on the grill. At the rate that we’re seeing rain, I’ll be mopping up wet floors and paw prints until the end of next week.


6 thoughts on “Longboards in Italy?

  1. Lucy

    We’ve just had an Esselunga open up down the road, I feel like a kid in a sweet shop again! And yes the rain has been horrendous, hope it’s stopped for you now!


    1. Rowena Post author

      So good to hear that the big “S” has arrived in your neighborhood! I like the “make-your-own discount” option that they’ve had in effect for awhile now.

      The rain has gone and the coast looks clear until the very end of the month, which, according to legend, should be the coldest days (the last 3) of the year!


  2. tesorotreasures

    The world is definitely getting smaller…your Esselunga buyer must have taken a trip lately! That is great that you can find a little piece of home so far away! And send some rain our way – we are in desperate need here in California! I am loving so many warm and sunny days, but I know that we really need some water!



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