Too much caffeine in Torino

"Teseo Screpolato" by Igor MitorajThat would be me on the right, head in smithereens after having crash landed from a caffeine high. We’ve cut down a lot on how much coffee we drink at home, but when there’s a capsule coffee machine in your hotel room, an endless flow of java at the self-serve breakfast, and then of course this issue with wanting to try as many bicerins as possible while in Torino… Well, it was pointless to resist. And let’s not forget the hot chocolate and gianduiotti! I know it was an easy guess for the last post, but just you wait – I’m still warming up for year 2014. Visiting Torino/Turin was purely nostalgic as it was my new “home”, however brief, for the 3 months right after tying the knot. That was a little over a decade ago, and if the MotH hadn’t gotten the job offer in Lecco, I would be telling a very different story today.

Bicerin at Caffè Mulassano
Bicerin at Caffè Mulassano

BicerinCaffè Mulassano vs. Al Bicerin – so who serves the best bicerin? Each has their own set of devoted fans since they’re both historical establishments in the heart of the city. I liked the thick, almost meringue-like whipped topping on the bicerin at Mulassano (4€), but Al Bicerin’s version (5€) looked nicer in a goblet even though I thought it tasted “watered down”? I know I’m not alone on that opinion, but on the next visit we’ll be idling at Caffè Mulassano. They’re next to Piazza Castello, serve a variety of tramezzini for a quick bite, and a short distance away is Guido Gobino’s chocolate shop on Lagrange. I hear GG makes a pretty good glass of bicerin.

Gobino chocolate factory
Guido Gobino’s chocolate factory on via Cagliari

Cioccolata calda
Hot chocolate at Al Bicerin

6 thoughts on “Too much caffeine in Torino

  1. Lisa

    I adore coffee and would love to try all those coffee places! I tried to quit it altogether but just can’t! Too nummy! Tee hee! Hugz Lisa and Bear


    1. Rowena Post author

      Sigh…my caffeine days are long gone for health reasons (I drank soooo much when working at the bakery) but a shot of espresso or breakfast cappuccino won’t hurt now and then. We drink a 50/50 blend of barley and coffee in the morning, and decaf after dinner.



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