Good things come in little gold packages

Good things come in small packages

It’s been a few years that Esselunga supermarket offers a service for ordering black or white truffles for pick up, but this is the first time we’ve given it a try. The service is made available only during the winter holiday season: specify type, amount, date for pick up, and hope that buying sight unseen was worth the angst. I have no idea from whom they’re sourcing out truffles, but the blacks were selling for only 0.38€ a gram, while the whites were priced at 2.28-2.78€ per gram, depending on size. While not as precious as their white counterparts, black truffles are delicious on buttered pasta or scrambled eggs.

Good things come in big packages

Good things also come in big packages tied up with a gold ribbon. My inlaws give out huge gift baskets every year, but this one was especially grand by doxie standards.

Christmas Day 2013

What would you like for xmas lunch? Same question, different year, and we’ve never repeated a meal. It only made sense to have bollito misto since we bought mostarda in Cremona earlier this month. It rained all through xmas eve, xmas day, and the day after!

Sulley, Mike and Maddie

Good things also come in furry Pixar monsters and the westie treats Sulley as if he was her new baby. The nice thing about dogs is that they never complain about their gifts, but like all “kids” they still fight over toys. In a month, stuffing will be coming out of the eyeballs. Sulley was intended for the doxie, but apparently the westie had other ideas when I gave her Mike.


4 thoughts on “Good things come in little gold packages

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  2. Lisa

    Beautiful gift basket!! Ahhh your Westie looks so cute sleeping with Sully!! She probably thought she could snuggle with hi better than with Mike!! So darn cute!! Happy New Year wishes and Hugz! Lisa and Bear



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