Gran Bollito Cremonese

il Piacere della Carne

Il Piacere della Carne / the pleasure of the flesh. Process that one in either italian or english, it still sounds like a romp in the sack. But for lovers of italian cuisine, the Gran Bollito Misto (mixed boiled meats) is not quite as naughty as it sounds, and gave me another good reason to cross one more off the list of my 10 favorite winter dishes.

Bollito misto cremonese Auditorium Cremona

Gran Bollito Misto: mostarda, chicken, cotechino, testina, beef, bed roll, I meant bread roll (drat those freudian slips!). Eat in or take out. We took ours to go like many others who had the same idea. The event was held in Cremona’s auditorium on Sunday, Dec. 8th, and is part of a campaign by Strada del Gusto Cremonese to promote tourism through its cuisine.

Lanfranchi desserts

No great meal goes without a just dessert, and Lanfranchi’s pasticceria (which just happened to be across the street from the bollito misto) brought me to my knees when I caught sight of their Mont Blanc. I have been searching for this dessert since…forever, but had no success until this past Sunday. I know it’s a seasonal thing but is Japan and France the only places where they Mont Blanc up the ying yang? Ditto for the marron glacé tart. Just think, if I hadn’t run out of mostarda…


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