Cremona unveiled

Why I’ve never set foot in Cremona in 10.5 years of living here is easy to explain – I don’t care for torrone, the egg white and nut confection for which the city is famous. Because of said reason, Cremona remained ignored on the map, and probably would’ve continued that way had I not run out of mostarda. This spicy-sweet fruit condiment is something we normally get at a supermarket, but a weekend of promising weather and the idea to buy mostarda from a place for which it is also known for, is what prompted us to visit this magnificent city.

Mostarda di Frutti

9 reasons to ♥ Cremona

LiutaioWithin the time limits of a late afternoon and brief Sunday morning visit, I can count on my fingers how many things about Cremona that instantly won me over on this trip. I fit as many as I could into this video, but the best is at the very end as violin music can be heard coming out of a luthier’s tiny shop.

1. Walking along the Po River
2. Duomo of Cremona – magnificent in the light of the setting winter sun
3. Torrazzo – it has an astronomical clock, is 1 of the 3 tallest brickwork bell towers in the world, and counts 502 steps to the top! Unfortunately our ‘kids’ dislike heights
4. Piazza Stradivari – and the statue of Antonio Stradivari
5. Sperlari – specialty foods shop on via Solferino with an assortment of mostarda, chocolate, cookies and liqueurs
6. Lanfranchi – historical pastry shop on via Solferino
7. Free vin brulé to chase away the winter chill (organized by the Bersaglieri of Cremona)
8. The luthier shops
9. Il Piacere delle Carne (the Pleasure of the Flesh – next post!)


9 thoughts on “Cremona unveiled

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  2. travelistaidea

    Cremona is worth seeing and tasting! Rowena suggested the most typical things.. i do recommend as well! One day is enough for seeing it, a week end is better if you wanna enjoying it! Get there by train! in addition there are brand new public services for bike and car-sharing!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Next time it’ll be a full weekend of visiting the places that we didn’t have time to see (the violin museum!) or doing the things that we wanted to do (climb the bell tower). I found initial info from the comune’s primary website [], but came across the tourism site [] after returning home. The Strada del gusto cremonese website is also great for gastronomic events, and I’ve changed my opinion of torrone… I saw some clips on youtube and it looks like A LOT of fun!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Mostarda’s sweet-spicy flavor is excellent with a variety of soft italian cow’s milk cheese or goat cheese. For something like gorgonzola, we typically drizzle honey over it instead. It is also great with bollito misto, the dish of mixed boiled meats served with up to 7 varieties of sauce/condiments.


    2. Rowena Post author

      Oops…forgot to comment on the parking. Finding a spot was really easy on both Saturday and Sunday and I don’t know if it was due to the season or because there just isn’t that much traffic in Cremona. We found parking (paid) along Via Geremia Bonomelli and reached the Duomo on foot within a matter of minutes.



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