Where in Italy?


Another holiday “must” crossed off the shopping list. Normally we don’t go out of our way for this particular food item, but with the kind of nice weather we’ve been seeing, a weekend wasted is a weekend lost. From the chestnut forest, a 90-minute trip by car is all it takes to reach a city that is famous for its luthiers, and there are 3 clues in the photo. Can you guess where in Italy it is?


8 thoughts on “Where in Italy?

  1. tesorotreasures

    I would have never guessed….and this type of “mostarda” is impossible to find here. I’ve never seen it. In fact, whenever my mom says “mostarda”, she’s now always referring to yellow mustard – she’s forgotten all about this one she used to love in Italy 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      In your local supermarket, not a chance, but perhaps at specialty shops with a focus on italian foods or even the website igourmet.com (I used to spend a chunk of my paycheck on that online store when I still lived in the states). Mostarda is definitely one item to bring back stateside for a taste of Italy.


    1. Rowena Post author

      Alright, between you and Laruchka, this one was a no-brainer. And it also confirms my suspicion that Cremona sits on the list of underappreciated cities in northern Italy. My stats say that I have readers stateside, and no one even took a shot at this one!



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