A day at the truffle fair in Murisengo

Trifola d'Or

Trifola d’Or, the gold of Murisengo. These beautiful white truffles were more for show rather than purchase (unless you had very deep pockets), and the paper towel gives a pretty good idea of their size. Bigger undoubtedly begets a higher value, yet vendors had a good range of specimens in all shapes and sizes, suited to meet individual budgets. Both white and black truffles were present at the fair, with the latter selling at a lower price. For 30 euros, the MotH got a white one about the size of a walnut, weighing at 20 grams. That’s 150€/etto (etto – 100 grams – is the unit of measure on which prices are based) and is actually very fair for market prices this season.

Truffles weren’t the only thing at Murisengo’s event, and walking the main street through town was a feast for the senses. Fresh produce, cheese, honey, blueberry jam, salumi, wine, sweets and more beckoned from well-stocked food stalls. We headed over to the sports camp for the truffle-themed Pasto del Trifolao lunch. Anticipation was high, because for 29€/person, the meal included 6 dishes from antipasti to dessert, local wine, dessert wine, and water. This was a deal, despite the fact that the less precious black truffle was used, but speaking just for myself, the whole experience was a real disaster. The #1 problem was the unacceptably long wait between each plate, compounded from the beginning when the kitchen refused to start serving the public until guests for the VIP table had arrived. When they finally did arrive, the dining hall was completely full (I’d say around 400+ diners) and it was a mad dash with servers rushing to bring out each course. The first plate came out at 1:15, and by 3:45pm we still hadn’t seen dessert and walked out 15 minutes later.

The second problem was the portable toilet(s). Only 4 of them (2 for women, 2 for men) and no one bothered to restock the toilet paper when it ran out. Is that so hard to do? Overall an experience that we’ll never repeat again even if the food was delicious, but then anything is good when you’re starving. Next time we’ll just spend the money on truffles!

Past del trifolao: first 4 plates
1. Cooked and raw salame of Murisengo, 2. Raw fassone beef with black truffle, 3. Trio of piemontese cheese with honey and black truffle, 4. Agnolotti with tiny bits of truffle
Past del trifolao: bollito misto
Bollito misto piemontese (boiled meats) with green sauce and spinach


2 thoughts on “A day at the truffle fair in Murisengo

    1. Rowena Post author

      58€ that could’ve been spent on:
      1) a bigger white truffle, or
      2) food products from the various stands, but now we knows so if anybody needed to hear first-hand experience….



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