We may not be able to join the truffle hunt…

Anello Monte Muggio
..but at least we’ll get to visit the castle.

Thanksgiving, holiday baking, Christmas, greeting cards (yes I still send them) and of course the rest of the madness that comes with being this time of year. I’ve been laying low since hurting my back last month, but now that I’m up and running at 100%, things will start to get really, really busy around here and I want to be prepared!

Trifola d'Or

First on the agenda: a truffle fair in Piemonte. Murisengo (province of Alessandria) holds its Trifola d’Or on the 2nd & 3rd Sunday of November and you can bet that a lot of sniffing goes on at the event. And by sniffing I also mean to say of the canine sort as a simulated truffle hunt is one of the scheduled events held at the park grounds of Murisengo Castle. I sent off an email to inquire about our 2 tagging along but unfortunately 😦 it isn’t open to visitors with dogs, or at least not to dogs other than the truffle dog itself. Doggone it! Who knows, maybe we’ll stumble upon the action while we dilly-dally around the castle grounds.

6 thoughts on “We may not be able to join the truffle hunt…

    1. Rowena Post author

      Yes, that was unfortunate, but I’m training Mister to learn that truffle smell by heart. I saved the tissue and container that it was sold in, and when I place it next to his nose, he actually wants to bite it!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Same here, but one sniff of a squirrel or other small animal in the area and the doxie would be off and running for the first bite. The westie would probably just want to roll around in the dirt!


    1. Rowena Post author

      I know :-(, and so much for trying to turn our 2 into useful pets for a change. The good thing (yay!) is that they are allowed in the dining hall so at least we’ll be able to taste the truffle menu….my garsh it’s gonna be one plate after another of piemontese specialties. Hope to get a lot of good photos and video!



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