Sagra del Cardo e Bagna Caoda

Andezeno (Torino) – on the last day of our Piemonte weekend and on the journey back home, we made a stop here in hopes of having more of – what else? – why bagna cauda of course! Held in mid-October of each year, this sagra for cardo (cardoon) had me in such high hopes of another vegetable-dipping festival in the pungent sauce. Well that was until I noticed the bold red sign at the entrance: Ingresso Vietato Ai Cani. Whaaaat? No dogs allowed?!?

Feeling a little bit glum, we turned our attention to a cluster of local vendors selling seasonal produce and this is where I’m glad that I at least thought to get some footage of the rest of the action. This event was actually a combination of 2 sagre, one for cardoon/bagna cauda and one for the piatlina onions (the pale yellow bunches hanging next to the red scallions) of Andezeno. As far as I could tell, the onions weren’t so much a part of a themed menu but rather an item to promote public awareness. We picked up one treccia di cipolla (onion braid) and I’ve really enjoyed cooking with them. The flesh is sweet and tender and lends well to baking whole or stuffed with a savory filling.

As mentioned earlier, this event takes place in mid-October and if planned accordingly, it’s very possible to do a whole weekend of bagna cauda (yes I know, all that garlic!) and be within a half hour’s drive between towns. The unique difference about this one is that the terracotta dish used for holding the sauce – fojòt – is given as a gift.


2 thoughts on “Sagra del Cardo e Bagna Caoda

    1. Rowena Post author

      We thought about jumping back on the bus to the parking area (free rides for the sagra!) and leaving the “kids” in the car, but they’ve always gone with us so….I just couldn’t disappointment Maddie like that even if the Mistah would’ve felt differently. He was terrified of being on the bus but Mads was like “la dee da dee da!”



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