Eat Slow, Eat Cheese: raclette street food

Raclette street food

Eat slow, eat cheese! If I had taken notes on every single item that impressed us at this year’s cheese event, I would have enough material to write a whole month’s worth of posts. This time around, MotH and I elected to visit on Friday before the big crowds arrived, and again on Saturday (when they swarmed the town of Bra from morning to night).

Undoubtedly, our main reason for attending was to bring back a bunch of international stuff that is difficult to obtain in Italy, but the first stop is always at the street food stands. Fried olives, farinata, bombette, Recco-style focaccia, pizza napoletana and so much more. If you’re in the mood, they got the food. Add to that the 100’s of opportunities to cheese sample plus the obligatory stop at the Great Hall of Cheese & Wine and you’ve done a serious number on your digestive system.

My favorite was raclette-to-go at the Swiss stand. Something about hot, bubbling cheese that is so mesmerizing, dontcha think?


6 thoughts on “Eat Slow, Eat Cheese: raclette street food

    1. Rowena Post author

      I second that opinion! Years ago when I still lived in the islands, I used to order a LOT through igourmet’s website. Back then I didn’t understand anything about cheese either, so I stored my unused stash in the freezer, thinking they’d keep longer. Silly me!



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